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Top 5 Laundry Room Ideas

Nothing beats an organized, practical and efficient Laundry Room.

These days there are numerous options available, whether you have a large or very small laundry area- there's something for everyone to make doing laundry much more appealing and less of a hassle.

Options are endless and include custom partitions, hooks, cubbies and/or organizers .

Cabinets can be built by our great team of carpenters and finished to match perfectly with your current interior, or you can also opt for pre built cabinets that can be modified to fit within your space.

Think vertically in small spaces and utilize every square inch of space available to you. Because when planned out properly, even a small laundry room update can make the biggest difference by adding in more organization, versatility, and most importantly- functionality.

The first step is determining what will work best with the type of washing machine you have or will be purchasing. Be sure to review what best suits the amount of laundry you'll be doing, allowable space and energy efficiency. Once that is settled, it's time for the fun part: organizing and decorating!

These are our top 5 Laundry Room Ideas:


Just as open shelving has dominated kitchen design in recent years, open shelving in laundry room are growing increasingly popular due to aesthetic and utility appeal.

Organize shelves with baskets, containers and labels.

Cleaning products can be stored here as well, but for easier access it is best to put heavy items on lower shelves, or in front loader's drawers.

Drying Rack

A collapsible or folding drying rack is becoming trendier as we move towards a greener planet.

It is also very useful for delicates/ hand washables.

The versatility of folding is a great option when space is limited. With many colours, styles and options available, there is a drying rack for every laundry room size.

Also available are built in drying racks in floating shelves / cabinets!

Laundry Sink & Faucet

Laundry sinks or utility sinks are deep enough to allow clothes to soak, or to clean, hand wash or scrub clothing/ shoes. Oftentimes, it is also used for unrelated household cleaning.

There are 4 main types: freestanding, wall mounted, in a base cabinet, or a drop in/ under-mounted sink. We highly recommend any of the first 3 for functionality as the drop-in is more for the benefit of aesthetics rather than utility.

Just as there is a specific sink for laundry, there are also complementary faucets made just for the laundry room as well. These spouts are longer and made for the big basin. Our recommendation is a pulldown flexible spout for easy access.


We all could use more counter space. Not only will this assist with sorting, it can double as a folding station.

Have front loaders? These are the best for installing a countertop over. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, even a simple tiled counter can be achieved by using 24 x 24 tiles.

Lighting, Accessories & Decor

Lighting always makes a big impact in every room. There is no exception when it comes to the laundry room.

Although sunlight is The Best option for a laundry room as everything is detectable in the light, most laundry rooms do not have a window. Nothing fancy is needed, however you want enough light to help with spotting those stains and to read labels! Opt for functional LED recessed light fixtures, or pot lights in tight spaces.

Rolling laundry carts: one of the best inventions for the laundry room. Easily sort clothing, fold and put away clothing in one, then simply fold and tuck away.

Baskets, Hooks: Organize with plastic totes, wicker baskets, mason/ glass jars and labels. Use hooks for cleaning tools.

Folding Ironing Board: Collapsible ironing boards are a great space saver.

Paint, Decor: Lighten up laundry room walls with a light colour, and add in your own flair and personal touch with decor.

It doesn't have to be a chore, unless you make it one! #EnjoyLaundryMore

For more inspiration or to get a free quote, Contact Us.

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