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The Smart Home

We have reached the Jetson era.

In today's modern home, you can usually find at least one smart gadget. Smart, WIFI-enabled gizmos range from outlets, light fixtures, vacuums, alarms, thermostats and even slow cookers are now programmable by WIFI. With options growing significantly by the day, the smart home is created for a productive, efficient, and comfortable lifestyle.

Presumably, the only worry is what happens if...dare we say- the electricity goes out? [Click here to read out article about Off Grid Living & Building Sustainably.]

Here are our top trending Smart Home Gadgets of 2021:

Smart Doorbell:

Eufy Security; best camera, easy pairing, can use your own doorbell or ones provided.

Cost $330

Smart Lighting:

Phillips Hue & Ambiance Starter Kit; brings special moments to everyday life. Control light colours,

Cost: $199.99

Notable Mention:

NanoLeaf: Visualize your music, wake up to the sunrise, improve your mood with stunning colours and automate your lighting throughout the day.

Cost: $249.00

Smart Speakers

Sonos speakers: Good sound quality, stable multi room audio, and smart-home utility. Compatible with most ecosystems and comes with Alexa enabled but also supports Google and Apple.

Cost: $249.99

Smart Thermostat

Nest Thermostat: Hands down, this is definitely one of the best smart thermostats available. It helps to save energy. You can control it from anywhere. And it's easy to install yourself.

Cost: $179.99

Smart Keypad w/ Deadbolt

Weiser: Using the Weiser App, you can lock/unlock, program up to 250 user access codes, and receive notifications from anywhere there's an Internet connection.

Cost: $299.99

"Well, we aren't that far off- apart from the flying, fit-in-a-briefcase cars...yet."

(First flying car is set to be released 2023!)

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